Meet Miss Colfax

Tiffanie Meehling, Miss Colfax 2013-2014

Miss Colfax“Think you’ve got style? Please. Think you’ve got talent? Doubt it. Think you’ve got what it takes to turn the judges’ heads? Just admit it to yourself, doll face – you ain’t got nothing on me.

I am the living embodiment of all Colfax. I am stardust and fantasy! I’m the reigning Miss Colfax and I’m making damn sure that gorgeous crown stays right where it belongs – perched atop my fabulous head. 

Miss Colfax


Trashy, classy, and all around sassy, I’m defending my title with new tricks up my tattooed sleeves, miles of extra snark in my repertoire, and the kind of T&A that’ll make your Q&A bow down with appropriate reverence. This Miss Colfax is here to stay! I have seized the hearts and minds of this blissfully wicked thorofare, and I intend to keep them. You have no idea who you’re messing with.”


Miss Colfax